GnuPG actium

Automated Certificate Authentication

GnuPG actium is our robust server designed to automate certificate authentication through an organization's directory service. It seamlessly operates on both Windows and Linux platforms. Starting with the GnuPG VS-Desktop® Standard package, consulting services for GnuPG actium are now integrated.

Certificate Management via the Directory Service

GnuPG actium, developed by g10 Code GmbH, is an open-source software licensed under GPLv3. It empowers organizations to automate certificate authentication, enhancing efficiency and security.

By default, GnuPG actium searches for new certificates in an organization's directory service, supporting:

  • Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS) on Windows
  • OpenLDAP on Linux

However, such a directory service is not absolutely necessary. GnuPG actium also processes certificates provided as files.

GnuPG actium offers multiple methods to verify user IDs in certificate files:

  • Do they exist in a directory service?
  • Does the domain pattern match?
  • Are they in a given user list?

How does GnuPG actium work?

  1. Users generate certificates, for example with our certificate manager Kleopatra, and submit them to the directory service with a single click.
  2. GnuPG actium then retrieves the newly issued certificates from the directory service and validates them.
  3. Subsequently, GnuPG actium sends an encrypted email with a confirmation link to the users.
  4. Only people who have access to both the email and the certificate's secret key can access and activate the confirmation link.
  5. GnuPG actium authenticates confirmed certificates with the organization's trusted key.
  6. Finally, GnuPG actium sends the authenticated certificate back to the directory service.

Clockwise ordered combs describing the actium process steps: get+validate, confirm request, confirmation, certify and publish (to a directory server)
GnuPG actium: Automatic Authentication Procedure

We provide assistance with the setup

We include a comprehensive manual and configuration instructions. Additionally, the GnuPG VS-Desktop® standard package features an in-depth consultation service for our customers.

Our team is here to address your inquiries and engage in constructive discussions with your organization's technical experts. We work together to configure and tailor the software to your individual needs, ensuring a seamless integration into your environment and workflow.

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